Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our PRA program!  Provided below is a description of our hiring process. 

We utilize a rolling application cycle to fill our positions. The best way to check on the hiring status of our program is to regularly check this page for changes. We suggest that you apply as soon as feel you would like to be a scribe as this will give you a better chance of getting an interview for when we are looking to do so.


PEMS Application Process

Step 1: Fill out our Online Application
You can do this anytime during the year. You only need to apply once!

Step 2:  Allow time for your application to be reviewed:  
Submitted applications are reviewed weekly during the hiring season.

Step 3:  Respond to our Interview Invitation:
If selected, we will email to ask you to send your latest resume/CV and meet with us for an interview.
If an interview invitation is not offered, try following our tips for enhancing your application.


Tips on enhancing your application:

  • Email us with your continued interest in the program. (Be patient when waiting for responses!)
  • Streamline your resume/CV for easy viewing. (You may consult several online sources on how to build neat/professional resumes).
  • Availabilty and longevity are highly attractive!
  • Gain other meaningful experiences that show your dedication and enthusiasm for medicine!

Tips on nailing the interview:

  • KNOW what the job is.
  • Medical terminology is required to complete training with PEMS. New applicants are highly recommended to study some basic medical terminology before coming to an interview. For convienience, here is a link to the flashcard set our new hires are required to memorize:
  • Dress professionally!
  • Be prepared to ask questions about us!



Please note that we receive many inquries throughout the year. We will do our very best to respond to your application promptly. However, not everyone is offered a chance to interview.

For questions about your already submitted application, or any other questions you may have about our program, please email:

Thank you.